Vogt engineering Freiburg - your partner in car tuning and enginebuilding

We offer conversion and tuning services specifically for Volkswagen, Carburator- and injection-technology also for Renault, Porsche, Alfa Romeo, Triumph and many other brands. 
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Our tuning measures to improve performance include for example:
-Compression optimization
-optimized valvetrain
-Displacement increasement
-Motor casing modification
-Cylinder head modification
-combustion-chamber optimization
-Flow bench
-Double ignition
-Special piston forged, - custom-made devices for specific, individual engines, vintage motors
-Custom-made devices
-Six point mounting for cylinder heads (VW)
-Exhaust systems
-Sound enhancements
-Air filter systems
-Engine cooling
-Reconciliation work
-Tests on road and Test bench
-Consumption reduction
-Ignition optimization

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